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The mission of the School Library is to serve the pupils and staff of Stromness Academy by providing a sizable space and adequate resources suitable for study, research and investigation, whilst also encouraging a love of books and reading thus enabling them to become effective independent life-long learners. The Librarian working in collaboration with SMT and teaching staff can accomplish the mission, with sufficient funding and resources.
To help accomplish the Mission Statement, and meet the needs of pupils and staff, the library at Stromness Academy aims to:

  • To provide an environment suitable for private study, research and investigation and to support learning and teaching.
  • To enhance the quality of learning and teaching in all areas of the curriculum.
  • To support Curriculum for Excellence experiences and outcomes, in particular those that are the “responsibility of all”: Literacy, Numeracy and Health & Wellbeing.
  • To provide a wide range of resources and equipment for all learning and teaching needs enriching and supplementing resources available in the classroom.
  • To provide effective organisation of resources and facilities and providing access to these at the time of need.
  • To provide library resources which will stimulate and promote the interest of pupils in learning for themselves.
  • To encourage, through the development of Library and Information Literacy Skills, independent learning.
  • To encourage pupils to gain an enthusiasm for books and recreational reading.
  • To provide access to and promote the use of ICT for a range of purposes: Word processing / database / spreadsheets, etc Internet; Glow

The Library

The purpose built library is centrally located within the school. It was opened in 1987 and is currently managed by a full-time Chartered Librarian, Mrs Frances Sinclair, who has been in post since 1992.

It provides an important school wide resource for pupils and staff alike. It aims to support the curriculum fully by providing a wide and up-to-date range of resources from its own collection and from the Orkney Library that provides a support service. It also provides access to electronic resources, mostly via the internet, with links appropriate to the curriculum being curated by Mrs Sinclar via 'internet hotlists', 'Livebinders' and other online bookmarking tools.

Attractively designed on two levels, it holds approximately 7,000 book and non-book resources. Most of the stock is located in the Lower Library in four distinct sections - Reference, Non-fiction, Fiction and Senior Fiction. The Upper Library houses the Careers Information collection and is a study area for individual private study for 5th and 6th year pupils. Younger pupils may also use the Upper Library for study on request.

The library has a welcoming atmosphere that is conducive to study, research, leisure reading and computer use.

Use of the Library

The library is used throughout the school day - before registration, class time, lunchtime and after school. Most departments will send pupils as necessary with them coming individually, in groups or as a whole class. The Librarian is usually on hand to help pupils or staff with research if appropriate.

Pupils in S1-4 have timetabled library periods once a week when they can borrow books or sit and read quietly. During library periods, in particular S1 & 2, pupils do a variety of library induction and information literacy skills lessons providing them with the literacy skills needed for life.

The library is a learning environment which will encourage independent learning, yet pupils can easily request immediate help from staff if appropriate.It can be used by an entire class to access information from a wide range of resources, belonging to the library or borrowed from the Orkney Library.The librarian, an information professional, can help to support students in their research, helping them to identify, locate, select and use appropriate resources.The skills used in the library are cross-curricular and transferable. Sustained use will make these skills second nature. The library, by its nature is cross-curricular and therefore the librarian can work across subject boundaries.

The library is typically used for research, personal reading and individual study. The library may be used in the following ways:

  • Individual research projects where you and the librarian are on hand to help out
  • Personal reading sessions with access to wide range of materials in an appropriate environment with the option of various reading based activities
  • Information literacy sessions delivered by the librarian in partnership with teaching staff

Library web pages created by Frances Sinclair, Librarian