Entry Requirements: Computing Course at Higher level.

Course Structure and Content
The Course consists of two mandatory Units and a Course assessment. SCHOLAR and Glow will be used extensively to deliver the course.
Software Design and Development (Advanced Higher)
You explore a range of advanced concepts and processes relating to software design and development, including complex algorithms, data structures and high-level programming. You will develop skills in designing, developing, testing and evaluating well-structured, modular programs through practical tasks, using appropriate programming languages in a range of contemporary contexts. Through investigative and practical work, you will gain an understanding of the differences in a range of contemporary software development languages.
Topics include:
Programming paradigms
Data types and structures
Development methodologies
Design notations
Standard algorithms
Computational constructs
Testing and documenting solutions
You will be required to provide evidence of:
• skills, knowledge and understanding of software design and development 

• knowledge and understanding of different contemporary programming paradigms 

Information System Design and Development (Advanced Higher)
You explore a range of advanced concepts and processes relating to the design and development of complex information systems. You will develop knowledge and understanding of how contemporary information systems are planned, developed and managed, gaining an insight into the application of processes, tools and techniques. You will develop your independent learning skills by investigating and reporting on a contemporary information system.
Topics include:
Project design process
Project management
Information systems design techniques
Web development
Database systems and SQL
Web and database integration
Implications: Legal, ethical, environmental, economic and social
You will be required to provide evidence of: 

• knowledge and understanding of information system project design, development and management 

• knowledge and understanding of the implications of contemporary information system development 

The project offers you an opportunity to develop your knowledge of Computing Science at Advanced Higher level and to apply this knowledge to a topic that interests you. You are expected to choose a suitable project topic that is meaningful and appropriate requiring challenge and application. You produce a brief project proposal, discuss it with your assessor and obtain approval to continue.
The project will assess your skills in planning and designing a solution to a problem, implementing and testing a solution, and evaluating and reporting on that solution.

To gain the award of the course, you must achieve all the component units of the course, complete a project during the course as well as sit the external exam. The external exam is a 2-hour written paper for 60 marks or 40% of the final grade. The project will have 90 marks or 60% of the total grade.