Global Citizenship

Christmas Greetings from Wilhelm - Gymnasium in Germany!
December 2015

13.01.16: In November we began a partnership with pupils from Wilhelm Gymnasium secondary school in Braunschweig, Germany. We hope to stay in regular contact with pupils from this school and to continue to develop our skills in Global Citizenship. Our pupils have already exchanged letters introducing themselves in German and have also made German Christmas cards for their penfriends in Braunschweig. We are currently writing letters to ask pupils in Germany about their school and what they are studying. We have also sent the class a small package with some Scottish treats such as Orkney Fudge, homemade shortbread from Birsay Café, Orkney oatcakes and Irn Bru. We shall find out in due course if they like them!! Sehr gut. Klasse 1T!