Dynamic Youth & Youth Achievement Awards

Youth Achievement Awards Youth Scotland were first piloted in the school by School Librarian and Award Group Worker, Frances Sinclair in 2010 with two pupils achieving their Bronze Awards in 2012. Since then Dynamic Youth Awards for younger pupils were also introduced for library-based activities and the PE Department / Guidance coordinated them for the S2 Hoy trips.

These awards allow pupils to be recognised and accredited for the activities they take part in, both in and out of school. Both are peer assessed and work on a Plan – Do – Review basis where young people plan and / or organise their own activities, take part in them and review / evaluate their own progress.

The Awards
Dynamic Youth Awards are for young people aged 10 – 14 years old. Youth Achievement Awards are for young people aged 14+. Both allow young people be recognised for the activities they take part in (volunteering; school trips; sports; music; etc.). The awards allow for:
• Taking responsibility for learning
• Peer assessment
• Personalisation & choice
• Creative evidencing
• Measuring individual achievement

Pupils take responsibility for their own planning; learning; evidence collecting and portfolio preparation with the support of their peers and an Award Group Worker.

Both awards are placed on the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA).

Dynamic Youth Awards

Component Level
One Star Award (5 to 15 hours) taking part in activities Lvl 3 – National 3
Two Star Award (16 to 30 hours)
Three Star Award (31 to 100 hours)
Four Star Award (101 to 250 hours)
Five Star Award (in excess of 250 hours)

Youth Achievement Awards

Level of responsibility SCQF Rating
Bronze taking part in activities Lvl 4 – National 4
Silver helping to organise activities Lvl 5 – National 5
Gold planning, leading and organising activities Lvl 6 – Higher
Platinum taking on a leadership or peer education role Lvl 7 – Advanced Higher