S3 Physical Education


This Course is suitable for all students who have an interest in and enthusiasm for developing their physical performance, either to pursue study and career options related to physical education or to broaden their learning experience.

The aim of this course is to enable students to develop, demonstrate and improve their performance and to develop approaches to enhance their performance through evaluation and analysis in a variety of activities. It is anticipated that basketball, volleyball and badminton will be the core activities on offer and then students will be given a choice from swimming, gymnastics, football and netball. This option will allow for course personalisation and choice, in line with Curriculum for Excellence, but will be dependant on timetabling issues.

Throughout this course students will experience a range of roles and responsibilities; this will allow them to develop interpersonal skills and will contribute to their social and emotional development. The course also provides an opportunity to support the way that individual attitudes, values and behaviours are formed. By actively participating in physical activities, students can demonstrate initiative, decision making and problem solving.

Students who complete this course will be able to: -
• Develop and demonstrate knowledge/understanding of the principles and factors underpinning and impacting on performance
• Describe/explain factors which impact positively and negatively on performance in physical activity
• Build capacity to improve performance
• Monitor and analyse performance to inform and influence personal improvement

It is anticipated that in S3 students will follow a common course where they will take part in a range of physical activities and study the underlying principles which impact on performance; physical factors, mental factors, emotional factors and social factors.