S3 Business Studies


Businesses play an important role in society – we rely on business to create health and well-being, prosperity, jobs and choices.

The main purpose of this course is to develop enterprise and employability skills. Work undertaken in the S3 Business course will prepare the pupil for N4 or N5 Business/Business Management courses which are available in S4.

The course is based around case studies – where mainly UK-based firms and organisations are studied. This “real-life” focus emphasises the relevance of the topics covered in class to the world in which we live.

Topics for study include:

• Why businesses start up
• Sectors of industry
• Objectives of firms
• Creation of business plans
• Sources of finance for firms
• Stakeholders
• Cash flow
• Break even analysis

There are a wide variety of Business courses available at colleges and universities and Business/Business Management courses will provide a valuable stepping stone into any of them. It is impossible to list the wide variety of careers which require a business background, but some examples include – accountancy, banking, insurance, marketing, human resources and law.


Administration plays a crucial role in providing the information, support and services which contribute towards organisations achieving their goals.

Administration and IT courses are unique in that they give pupils the opportunity to work towards industry standard in IT in an administration-related context. To achieve this, the S3 course contains a significant practical component. Most of the pupils’ time is spent working on computers where they will build skills in problem-solving, organising and managing information through the use of word-processing, spreadsheets, databases and presentation software. In addition to these practical skills, pupils will gain some background information on the use of admin in the workplace.
The skills acquired in S3 will prepare the pupil for ongoing study of Administration and IT at N4 or N5 level in S4.

The practical skills acquired in the course are transferable and will prove invaluable whatever career is finally chosen.

At college or university, courses which will build on the skills developed include – entertainment and events management, travel and tourism, retailing, sports and people management.