S3 Biology

Biology offers a modern experimental course in a science which is rapidly expanding and seldom out of the headline news. It has been a popular choice for many pupils who have gone on to university to study Biology or a related subject.

Students studying Biology will soon appreciate the employment opportunities this opens up to them within Orkney and beyond, for example in agriculture, fish farming, marine biology, nature conservation, impact studies for the renewable industry, food technology, as well as the careers in medicine, veterinary medicine and nursing.

The course provides an opportunity for pupils to continue to develop and consolidate their knowledge and understanding at Level 3, as well as provide an opportunity for all to experience Level 4 outcomes from the Planet Earth, Biological Systems and Topical Science sections of the Science curriculum.

The S3 course will look at:-

• how animal and plant species are adapted to survive and how they depend on each other
• the factors that affect the growth of an organism and researching the impact population growth and natural hazards can have on biodiversity
• nutrient cycles and investigating the impact of fertilisers on the environment
• comparing different methods of reproduction and fertilisation used by organisms and investigating the benefits and risks involved
• genetics and inheritance and then researching new scientific developments in the therapeutic use of cells
• the use of microorganisms and enzymes in industry

Pupils will experience a range of activities which will include practical and investigative work, independent research, group presentations, modeling of biological processes, as well as class debates on the moral and ethical issues arising from these new scientific developments.