S5 / S6 Nautical

S5/S6 Nautical - NQ units


A number of NQ free-standing units are available for study. Units can be chosen to have a subject bias towards Navigation or Seamanship. Alternatively, they can be chosen to give a broad course of study covering all aspects of Nautical Studies.

Preferred Entry Requirements

These Units are suitable for pupils with no previous experience in Nautical and those who have already completed some of the level 1 Units.

Course Structure and Content

The NQ Units are available at two levels.

Level 1 Units : These Units are mainly practical in content.

• Coastal Navigation 1
includes chart work, tides, compasses error, and passage planning;

• Seamanship 1
covers practical rope work, ship types, ship stability, meteorology, Rule of the Road and Buoyage;

Level 2 Units

• Coastal Navigation 2
advances the work carried out in the Coastal Navigation 1

• Seamanship 2
advances the work carried out in Seamanship 1

Further information about these courses can be obtained from Orkney College Maritime Studies