S3 / S4 Nautical

The Nautical Department offers a range of Units throughout third and fourth year covering Seamanship, Safe Handling of Boats and Navigation.
The principal course offered is the new Maritime Skills for Work course. This has been designed by SQA to provide the best range of skills for moving on to either employment or further training in the Maritime Sector.

Maritime Skills for Work covers areas such as:

Small boat engineering and maintenance.
Skills for Employment in maritime – students learn what skills they need to get, and keep, a job.
Health and Safety – students learn to assess risk and work safely.
Marine Environment – students learn to assess the weather and perform basic navigation tasks.
Seamanship – students learn a variety of skills for working in the marine industry including boat handling.

All courses have a high practical content but students should also be aware that there is an element of academic study as well. Students have to compile a file of information that they have gathered from research as well as using simple mathematics, for example in assessing tides.

If time allows in the fourth year we will also aim to offer:

Coastal Navigation 1 : This unit is designed to enable you to understand the basic elements of coastal navigation. You will use charts, chart instruments and nautical publications, in a chartroom environment, to plan a safe coastal passage.