S5 / S6 Music

Music - Higher

The new Higher course in music sets out to provide pupils with opportunities to develop interests which contribute to personal development, enhance quality of life and provide the skills and knowledge required for further study and enjoyment of music. It is designed to serve the needs of all students who have an interest in music; from those who wish to study the subject as part of a general education to those who intend to follow a career in music.

In order to progress and achieve pupils must be highly motivated and be committed to working on their own and practising regularly at home and in school. They will be expected to plan courses of study, set targets and record their personal performances and progress. There is also more emphasis on written music than before, so pupils will be expected to develop their skills in reading music.

Preferred Entry Requirements

Candidates will normally be expected to have obtained either a high pass at Intermediate 2 or Grade 4/5 Associated Board on one instrument with a good standard of playing on a second for the performing course. A good understanding of sound engineering is necessary for the music technology course.

Course Structure and Content

There are two music courses available.

Music with Performing
Composition - December - Pass/Fail
Listening - May - 40%
1st Instrument - March - 30%
2nd Instrument - March - 30%

Music with Music technology
Composition - December - Pass/Fail
Listening - May - 40%
Music Tech Folio - March - 30%
Instrument Recording - March - 30%