S4 Music

The Music course is designed to help learners develop their knowledge of music concepts and music literacy, and to integrate and apply this understanding in practical learning activities. These courses enables learners to develop skills in performing, creating and understanding music in a wide variety of contexts. It provides the opportunity for learners to develop and consolidate a general interest in music:

Pupil will learn to:
• Perform a variety of music on their selected instruments or instrument and voice
• Develop skills in creating music
• Reflect on and evaluate their own work and that of others
• Develop their msucial literacy through and understanding of a range of music concepts and ideas
• Develop skills in musical analysis and discriminate between a range of styles and genres of music.

Learners who have completed Curriculum for Excellence experiences and
outcomes will find these an appropriate basis for doing the Course.
Learners will build on the skills and knowledge gained through the level two and three experiences and outcomes for Music. They will learn about musical signs and symbols, and music concepts, by listening to a range of music styles in the Understanding Music Unit. They will use this understanding of music and basic musical literacy when creating their own music in the Music: Composing Skills Unit, and when developing their performing skills in the Music: Performing Skills Unit.

The unit structure of the courses is as follows:

Access 3
Music: Performing Skills (6 SCQF credit points)
Music: Composing Skills (6 SCQF credits points)
Understanding Music (6 SCQF credits)
This course is internally assessed.

National 4
Music: Perfroming Skills (6 SCQF credits)
Music: Composing Skills (6 SCQF credits)
Understanding Music (6 SCQF credits)
This course is internally assessed.

National 5
There are two mandatory units in this course:-
Music: Composing Skills
Understanding Music

You must also select one ‘optional’ unit:
Music: Performing Skills
Music: Technology Skills with Performing Skills