S1 / S2 Maths

S1 and S2 courses

1st year course
Pupils are taught in mixed ability classes of under 20. The course consists of a blend of class teaching, group, pair and individual work. Non-calculator number work is taught and assessed regularly throughout first and second year.
Differentiation is built in to the course plan so that teaching, class work, homework, investigations, problem solving and computer use all cater for the full range of ability. Prior attainment at primary school is taken into account throughout.

2nd year course
The course is structured in a similar way to the first year course except that for 50% of the maths time each week pupils are split into broad sets by ability. Algebra, number work, problem solving and some of the harder topics in geometry and statistics are taught in the set classes.
Most pupils are expected to have completed the 5-14 National Assessment at level E by the end of second year. All will have experience of some level F topics and more than 15% will have passed level F.