S1 / S2 Home Economics

S1 and S2 courses

In S1 pupils have two separate lessons a week, one practical in the main kitchen and one theory in the sewing room. The lessons that are followed at S1 are designed to develop pupil knowledge and understanding of Home Economics and their practical skills.

Topics covered include:
- Kitchen equipment
- The cooker
- Washing up
- Safety in the home
- How do you measure up
- Organise yourself
- Technology task
- Electrical appliances
- Food hygiene
- Healthy eating
- Sewing project

All topics covered include practical work and pupils are assessed on a continuous basis along with a formal written and practical test.

In S2 pupils have a double lesson of Home Economics once a week. The lesson is themed around a given topic with part of the lesson involving a practical activity and the remaining time spent on a a written work. The course builds upon the knowledge and understanding gained in S1 and prepares pupils for their options in year 3 which may be food related.

Topics covered include:
- Fit to eat
- Technology task
- The wise buyer
- Pizza development project
- Everybody is different
- Healthy cereal bar

Al topics are assessed on a continuous basis along with a formal practical and written test.