S1 Geography

S1 Geography Course Outline:
Map Skills
Environmental Issues

Pupils in S1 learn about different aspects of physical and human Geography. In the autumn term a map skills unit introduces pupils to various types and scales of maps and covers basic map reading and knowledge of place. In the winter term pupils study a unit about weather, looking at all the different weather elements, weather forecasting and examples of extreme weather. Pupils choose one type of extreme weather which they research in a mini-project.

In the spring term S1 classes study a unit on farming, looking at the main farming types in Britain, the physical and human factors affecting them as well as current farming issues such as caring for the environment and farm diversification. An environmental issues unit starts late in the spring term and continues until the end of S1 in May. A variety of topical environmental issues are studied such as climate change, its causes and effects, countryside and wildlife conservation, Antarctica, environmental pollution and recycling. Pupils undertake a more substantial individual research project on an environmental issue of their choice.

A variety of resources are used to deliver the course. These include text books, worksheets, digital presentations, video clips, library resources and computers. While computers may be used as part of a whole class lesson, they are more often used by pupils (often by prior arrangement in the school library) to research and produce individual projects.