S4 Business Studies


In order to survive, businesses need people who are innovative, enterprising, risk-takers and dynamic – is this you?

These courses builds on pupil experience in the Business course in S3. Business at N4 and Business Management at N5 are available for study in S4.

As with S3, the course continues to be built around current news and events which are used both to stimulate discussion and to facilitate the application of pupil knowledge in different real-life contexts.

New topics for study include:

• Operations decisions
• Marketing issues
• Human resources
• Costing for businesses

Pupils will also build on the topics covered in S3. In S4 there is more emphasis on pupils working individually, and less on group and paired work.

To achieve success in the course, pupils need to pass unit assessments throughout the course of the year. In addition to these, there is an Added Value Unit or an Assignment which is a research-based project and which will be completed towards the end of S4.

There are a wide variety of Business courses available at colleges and universities and Business/Business Management courses will provide a valuable stepping stone into any of them. It is impossible to list the wide variety of careers which require a business background, but some examples include – accountancy, banking, insurance, marketing, human resources and law.


Administration and IT at N4 and N5 are available for study in S4.

In common with S3, the course continues to have a practical focus.

Areas of study include:

• Administrative Practices – this unit gives background information on the role of administration in the workplace and encourages pupils to carry out administrative tasks in the context of organising and supporting events.

• IT Solutions for Administrators – this is where skills in IT, problem-solving and organising and managing information will be further developed. Use will be made of word-processing, spreadsheets and databases, electronic diaries and presentation software.

• Communication in Administration – study here involves using IT to gather information
followed by the effective presentation and communication of that information.

In addition to passing unit assessments throughout the year, all pupils will complete an Added Value Unit or Assignment towards the end of S4.

Administration is a growing sector which cuts across the entire economy and offers a wide range of employment opportunities. The practical skills acquired in the course are transferable and will prove invaluable whatever career is finally chosen.

At college or university, courses which will build on the skills developed include – entertainment and events management, travel and tourism, retailing, sports and people management.