S4 Biology

Biology offers a modern experimental course in a science which is rapidly expanding and seldom out of the headline news. It has been a popular choice for many pupils who have gone on to university to study Biology or a related subject.

Students studying Biology will soon appreciate the employment opportunities this opens up to them within Orkney and beyond, for example in agriculture, fish farming, marine biology, food technology, nature conservation, as well as the obvious careers in medicine, veterinary medicine and nursing.

The course comprises three units and will cover major areas of Biology ranging from cellular to whole organisms up to ecosystems.

Unit 1 - Cell Biology

The focus is on cell processes e.g. cell division, respiration, photosynthesis and protein synthesis which will lead to a better understanding of the importance of cells and the variety of their uses.

Unit 2 - Multicellular Organisms

By comparing various processes in plants and animals e.g. nervous and hormonal control, reproduction and inheritance pupils will investigate increasing levels of complexity.

Unit 3 - Life on Earth

The concepts of biodiversity and interdependence will be covered, along with the processes leading to evolution, food security and ethical issues.
In addition, using their knowledge and skill drawn from the course, pupils will complete an investigation in to a topical issue in Biology and how it affects society and the environment.