Support for Learning

Support for Learning Department

Hello and welcome to the Support for Learning Department.

The Support for Learning department is based on the ground floor of the school. The department consists of one main teaching room furbished with an Interactive whiteboard, and four computers, two smaller rooms used jointly as teaching and office spaces for smaller one to one work and a larger staff base, which is also used as a teaching /meeting room.

The Support for Learning team work closely with Guidance Teachers and partners from outside agencies and subject staff, through Staged Intervention, to ensure pupils are supported appropriately.

It is hoped that pupils we support also feel valued and find the Curriculum Support Base a quiet, non-threatening and positive place to work. The quality of the resources and the comfort of the surroundings contribute to this atmosphere.

The support for Learning base is open to pupils in S1- S3 at breaks and lunchtimes, where we offer opportunities to take part in music activities, craft, games and study support. Further study support is offered after school in Homework Club and in the literacy and numeracy intervention groups run to further support needs.
Our Aims:
• To increase the ability of the school to provide appropriate education for ALL pupils
• To help pupils achieve effective strategies for learning and coping at school
• To maintain a quiet and positive working environment

We work across all age ranges and all academic levels. Most often support is provided for pupils who have:

• A clearly identified learning difficulty which has not responded to any departmental strategies
• A difficulty which has arisen because of social, emotional and behavioural problems.
Or who need:
• A reintegration after absence
• An opportunity to catch up with work, particularly pupils new to the school who may have followed different courses previously.
• Additional assessment requirements for exams

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