Pupil Librarians

What is being a Pupil Librarian all about?

Being a Pupil Librarian will enable you to:

  • Become Successful Learners; Confident Individuals; Responsible citizens and Effective Contributors (Curriculum for Excellence – Four Capacities)
  • Make a valuable contribution to the life of the school
  • Help develop the library and the services it offers
  • Help the library staff provide the best library service they can
  • Make a difference to other pupils’ learning
  • Act as a role model for other pupils

You will also:

  • Improve your communication and problem-solving skills
  • Work well with others in a team
  • Take responsibility
  • Think on your feet

As a Pupil Librarian you will enjoy special privileges including:

  • First choice of new stock, which you can help to choose
  • Access to the library prior to official opening before registrations and some intervals
  • The chance to get involved in special events

Dynamic Youth & Youth Achievement Awards

You are able to work towards Dynamic Youth (P6 – S4) and Youth Achievement Awards (S3 onwards) which recognise and accredit your achievements. You, your peers and the Librarian will monitor record and evaluate the work you do in the library.

Pupils in S1 and 2 will prepare for Dynamic Youth Awards. Once you are in S3 and are 14yrs old, you can then work towards Youth Achievement Awards.

Youth Achievement Awards are available at four levels which give you a recognised qualification. You have to be 14yrs old or over. The role of Pupil Librarian would give you the opportunity to work at Bronze level in the first instance. Up to 30 hours of Dynamic Youth can count towards 2 challenges at Bronze level.

  • Bronze (taking part in peer group activities) Four 15-hour Challenges – National 4
  • Silver (help to organise activities) Six 15-hour Challenges – National
  • Gold (plan, organise and lead activities) Seven 15-hour Challenges – Higher
  • Platinum (Leadership role) 135 hours participation – Advanced Higher

For more information, speak to Mrs Sinclair