Activities & Events

The school library runs activities on Tuesday after school and Friday afternoon when Role-Playing Games take place. Dungeons and Dragons is popular with a small established group who play twice a week. Newcomers are welcome. Games are developed by pupils or myself in our own time at home and require a considerable amount of creative input. D&D certainly meets aspects of the ‘4 Capacities’ in CfE with pupils:

Successful Learners – literacy (reading the manuals), communication (using role-playing) and numeracy skills (maths with up to 20-sided dice, additions, subtractions, negative numbers when calculating attacks and defenses and health points); Think creatively and independently (making up stories on the spur of the moment)

Responsible Citizens – Learning to respect each other (taking turns, etc)

Confident Individuals – Relating to others; assessing risk and take informed decisions (albeit in a role-play / imaginary context, but these decisions can affect how the character in the game acts)

Effective Contributors – Communicating in different ways (they have to be able to communicate with each other); Work in partnership and teams; Taking the initiative; Critical thinking; Solving problems.


There have been a number of different activities over the years ranging from Stable Management, Chess Club, through to Manga & graphic Novel Club. These were run during Friday activities. Activities also run at lunchtimes and after school on a Tuesday when there is transport home available.

Current Tuesday and Friday activities are Dungeons & Dragons and Magic the Gathering. Both are proving to be very popular. MtG also runs during lunchtimes as well board games being on offer.


October: National Poetry Day
October: Spooky Happenings – Hallowe’en storytelling (Guest storytellers in recent years have been Fran Flett Hollinrake and Tom Muir.
November - March Stan Lee Excelsior Award shadowing (Graphic Novels & Manga)
March: World Book Day

Sometimes, visiting guests, Michelle Paver came as part of the Scottish Friendly Scottish Book Trust tour in April 2012. Primary 7 pupils from Stromness Primary School and out S1s all enjoyed a talk and book signing by her. In March 2012, local illustrator, Tony O'Donnell came and did an illustration workshop for the Manga Club and other interested pupils.